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Family-Match is an online network created exclusively for state workers to match adoptive families, foster families, and foster to adopt families with children in state care.

Family-Match offers families an unprecedented opportunity to be identified by child welfare workers from across the country, who are using our matching technology to connect children with families.

Our mission is to serve as a catalyst for efficiency within the public child welfare arena by unlocking the vault of waiting families, so that children in need of loving and safe homes no longer wait to achieve this basic human right.

We believe there is a family for every child.

There are thousands of families just waiting to adopt, foster, or foster to adopt from all over the country.

Unfortunately, over 100,000 children are still waiting to be adopted. Of the 397,000 children in foster care, about 15% or 59,550 live in institutions and group homes rather than in a family environment. 28,000 children will age out of foster care each year with no forever family.

Family-Match exists to showcase waiting families so that children no longer have to wait.

We believe families and children wait too long to be connected.

Approximately one half of all children in state care remain there for 2 years. 9% or 35,730 remain in care for 5 or more years. With so many families who are waiting for a foster or adoption placement, we naturally asked the question, "why."

Using technology, Family-Match offers an innovative solution to this question. By showcasing families, caseworkers may easily identify the right matches for children on their case load.

We exist to help state case workers connect families with waiting children.

Caseworkers today are overwhelmed with big case loads.

Family-Match wants to help state case workers with the enormous amount of work they are tasked with each day. We offer an expeditious and simplified approach for child welfare workers to identify families for children in their care. We believe a child’s health and safety are least compromised when the most compatible families are connected with the child in need of either a foster or an adoptive home.

Reference Citation: Research regarding children and families taken from ChildrensRights.org

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