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Janet and Rohan

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Hello!  My name is Janet and my husband's name is Rohan.  We are both Firefighter Paramedics.  We currently live in Coral Springs and have 2 wonderful boys ages 7 and 5.  They are our biological sons.  We are looking to add a little girl to our family.  I have dreamed of having a family consisting of 2 boys and a girl.  We would love to find a girl that is between the ages of 1-8.  We are not picky on race.  I am close to my mother so I would love to have that same bond with my daughter.  My 7 y/o son would love to have a sister as well.  :)

We currently only have a salt water fish tank in the house.  We have no other pets.  My sons would love a dog but we are not getting one right now.

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Profile Janet Rohan
Age: 40 44
Occupation: Firefighter/Paramedic Firefighter/Paramedic
Hobbies and Interests: Hanging out with the family, Working out Hanging out with the family, playing video games, watching sports
Favorite Sports Team: Ohio State Buckeyes, Florida State University Florida State University, Tampa Bay Bucs
Favorite Place to Vacation: Anywhere! We make the most out of every vacation. Anywhere
As a Family
State of Residence: Florida
Religious Affiliation: Christian
Eligible to Adopt:  
Age Range of Child: 1 - 8 yrs. old
Number of Children: 1 child
Ethnicity: No Preference
Gender: Female
List all trainings you have received in past 2 years: Parent training classes, Both parents are firefighter/Paramedics
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