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Hi! We are a fun family who would love to add a little boy to this big female powered household. Jon(Man of the home) is out numbered:)!  O, but we do have a little yorkie pom that is a male named Moto.. Lol.   Jon is the dad of the home. He was adopted into the most loving family at a young age. Annie is the mother of the home and is half Korean who just loves to eat Korean food, decorate, hang out with family. Jaya is the oldest at 8 , little sister Aubrey who is five is the youngest. We had our grandmother to our girls/ Our mother just moved in. She was included in the home study that was done. Lots of females in this home. We would love to have a son/little brother/s for our girls to add to our fun family and give him/them sooooo much attention he/they deserve. Us females will definitely keep him/them on his/their toes. Jon would love to spend some quality bonding time as well. 

We love to have active fun, golf, go to restaurants and out door shopping/walking and beach! Lots of beach! Sunday is our family fun day. We go out to eat and do something as a family. 

We love to eat dinner together and wind-down every night watching t.v or have some tablet time. 

We live very close to the beach and go when we can. We spend a lot of time together.  The girls love to play outside every day, riding their bikes, golf practice or play with friends. We have tons of energy and love to watch sports. Annie loves the Dallas cowboys, Jon loves the Saints and the little girls love to sing, dance, golf, play mindcraft and play on their amazon Kindel. Jaya and Aubrey is involved in golf, swim lessons and Jaya was in chorus this past school year. 

Jon's family lives in Louisiana(around New Orleans) and we drive there for visits every holiday and other occasions, when possible. Annie's family is spread out in different states and well as here in home town. We spend a lot of time hanging out and eating dinner together every night! Annie is a wedding planner who mostly works from home(unless the day of the wedding).. so in season it can get crazy with decorations in the home, Jon took on photography as a fun side job, as well his professional job Monday through Friday. Grandma hangs out and cooks awesome Korean food and mostly hangs out in her room and watches korean Soaps. We look forward to meeting our future family member/members!!! 

Happy New Year! We hope this is the year we get to grow our family! 

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Profile Annie McDonald annie
Age: 38 35
Occupation: wedding planner aircraft maintenance support engineer senior
Hobbies and Interests: decorating, renovating home Golfing, Watching sports, photography and restaurant nights family
Favorite Sports Team: Dallas Cowboys, Los Angeles Lakers, Tiger woods for golf Lsu, Saints, Tiger woods, Los Angelss Laker
Favorite Place to Vacation: We love hotels with pools and golf courses Golf Course, family fun places
As a Family
State of Residence: Florida
Religious Affiliation: Christian
Eligible to Adopt:  
Age Range of Child: 0 - 8 yrs. old
Number of Children: 1 - 2 children
Ethnicity: Asian, White
Gender: Male
List all trainings you have received in past 2 years: finished home study
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  • Our oldest loves to Golf and she is in chorus. 
Our youngest love to sing and dance.
  • We like to have fun, throw yearly Christmas party with our close family and friends.
  • This is our little girls, when they were a little younger. Jaya is 7 now and Aubrey just turned 5 today.
  • This is an older family Photo. We have a little dog Moto who is a yorkie pom mix, we also have a pet fish as well our little hamster named Amy.
  • We have a live in Grandma who just moved in this past August.
  • This is us:)
  • daddy helping with golf
  • beach day
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