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Melissa Comelek and Robbie Comelek

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Profile Melissa Comelek Robbie Comelek
Age: 37 43
Occupation: Real estate title closer Operation Manager
Hobbies and Interests: Painting, creating,collecting rocks and minerals and coins, gardening, landscaping Movies, music, cars, swimming
Favorite Sports Team: FSU and Dallas Cowboys FSU and Dallas Cowboys
Favorite Place to Vacation: New York Ashville, North Carolina
As a Family
State of Residence: Florida
Religious Affiliation: Non-Denominational
Eligible to Adopt:  
Age Range of Child: 0 - 11 yrs. old
Number of Children: 1 - 2 children
Ethnicity: No Preference
Gender: No Preference
List all trainings you have received in past 2 years: Foster/Adoption parent classes
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