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Leeanna and Michelle

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We are Leeanna and Michelle, and we are excited to have this opportunity of adding to our family.  


Our story spans over the last 20 years; each year adding to the love and joy we share.  Being parents is a significant part of our story that has yet to be written.  Michelle, coming from an adoptive family, realizes the impact a family can have on a child.  Her heart yearns to pay forward the love that was extended to her by some of her foster parents.  I, Leeanna, come from a single mother household and I am an only child.  I have so much love and care to offer our family....and we haven't even met you, yet!

We cannot promise things to always be perfect, but we can promise to be fair, honest, and love unconditionally.  Together we can conquer the world! Michelle and I love traveling.  Often we whisper in the others ear "Can't you see our child doing that?" Whispers have created visions.  Those visions are now manifesting and ready to come to fruition; our child(ren) and us are ready to get our life started.

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Profile Leeanna Michelle
Age: 40 49
Occupation: Self Employeed Transportation Coordinator
Hobbies and Interests: Arts and crafts, Collecting art, Camping, Hiking, Canoeing, Reading Camping, bowling, art, collecting art,
Favorite Sports Team: Tampa Bay Lightning Tampa Bay Lightning
Favorite Place to Vacation: Walt Disney World Disney and Las Vegas
As a Family
State of Residence: Florida
Religious Affiliation: Non religious
Eligible to Adopt:  
Age Range of Child: 0 - 18 yrs. old
Number of Children: 1 - 3 children
Ethnicity: No Preference
Gender: No Preference
List all trainings you have received in past 2 years: Pride class
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  • Valley of Fire, Nevada
  • Tampa Bay Lightning Hockey
  • Michelle
  • Michelle and Leeanna
  • Michelle feeding Lorikeets at the zoo!
  • Disney
  • Canning jam and jellies