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Kayla and Shane

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Welcome to a glimpse into the life of the Denmon Family.  Although our home only consists of a family of four, we have so many loving family members in the community around us, as well as friends we consider family.  As a family we are very active in our church and spend a great amount of time working with kids and youth.  We also love to travel and typically take at least 1-2 short vacations each year.  Our son Tyler, 10, loves video games, watching movies, drawing, studying ocean animals, swimming, and anything outdoors.  Hannah is 7 years old and loves shopping, shoes and playing with makeup and nail polish. She also loves music, dancing and gymnastics.  Hannah and Tyler often ride their bikes and play with friends in our neighborhood.

Shane and I both work full time Monday – Friday outside of the home.  Our evenings and weekends are typically spent together as a family.  We love each other through the good and bad.  We learn how to improve from situations that need correction and treat each day as a new beginning.

We are looking forward to welcoming someone new into our family and excited to incorporate that individual’s hobbies into our life.

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Profile Kayla Shane
Age: 39 40
Occupation: Human Resources Manager Office Equipment Tech
Hobbies and Interests: Anything that involves spending time with family. We love to travel and spend time with our church family.
Favorite Sports Team: Alabama Alabama
Favorite Place to Vacation: Mountains Mountains
As a Family
State of Residence: Florida
Religious Affiliation: Christian
Eligible to Adopt:  
Age Range of Child: 0 - 10 yrs. old
Number of Children: 1 - 2 children
Ethnicity: No Preference
Gender: No Preference
List all trainings you have received in past 2 years: Quality Parent Training
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