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Lauren and Kenneth

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Hello! We are Kenneth and Lauren Mason. We have two sons, one biological and one through adoption. We are hoping to continue to expand our family through the adoption of more children. We are Christian family. We have experience with children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and would be willing to adopt more children who are on the spectrum. We look forward to hearing from you soon!
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Profile Lauren Kenneth
Age: 32 35
Occupation: Administrative Assistant Cook
Hobbies and Interests: Singing, Teaching, Cooking Cooking, Singing, Teaching
Favorite Sports Team:
Favorite Place to Vacation: We love traveling! Favorite vacation so far has been a European cruise! Cruise to Mexico
As a Family
State of Residence: Florida
Religious Affiliation: Christian
Eligible to Adopt:  
Age Range of Child: 0 - 4 yrs. old
Number of Children: 1 - 2 children
Ethnicity: Hispanic, White
Gender: Female
List all trainings you have received in past 2 years:
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