Family-Match is designed to promote placement stability by matching children in foster care with foster and adoptive families on markers of compatibility. Register to participate in our demonstration pilot today!

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Family-Match partners with state governments to offer case workers on the front line of their child welfare programs with an innovative tool to match children with families on markers of compatibility. Our technology promotes a simplified work flow for overburdened case workers, saves the state money, and enhances the welfare of children in state care by promoting placement stability.

Waiting families from around the country create free profiles and make themselves visible to caseworkers everywhere. With this powerful network in hand, caseworkers are able to identify families on markers of compatibility that extend beyond basic demographic information. Through our automated matching system, Family-Match generates optimal connections at the moment new candidates are identified and allows caseworkers the opportunity to connect with families directly.


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There are two ways you may be contacted.
  1. Child welfare workers that have identified your family as a match may contact you by submitting a message to you through the site. Be sure to check your "messages and alerts" section of your profile.
  2. Child welfare workers that have a formal partnership with Family-Match can contact you through the personal contact information you choose to share. Your profile allows you to identify how you want to be contacted by a child welfare caseworker. Keep in mind that only child welfare workers with established accounts can see your contact information. Caseworkers who utilize the general search tool on the home page only have the option of sending you a message through the site.

We welcome all kinds of resource families to join our site. Home study approved adoptive families, foster families and families approved to foster and adopt may join. We also welcome families that have started the process of becoming an adoptive or foster parent. Regardless of where you are in the process, we want child welfare workers to know you are out there, ready, or almost ready, to be connect with a child.

Absolutely! All child welfare caseworkers are invited to use our Find a Family tool located on the toolbar at the top. To utilize the full features of our tool and create a private account please contact us at:

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