Our Team

We’re together for one reason—to transform the adoption process to ensure every child achieves belonging through family.

Every day we work as social workers, technologists, researchers, data analysts, family and program coordinators. But we’ve united for the sake of every stakeholder in a singular promise: We make connections, fast. At Adoption-Share, we’ve brought together the best strategic and empathetic minds to design something powerful—and we witness its impact every single day.

Meet our experienced, driven team—people from all over the globe who take families, children, and agency work to heart. Together, we’re crafting compassionate, streamlined, data-driven solutions that will change the lives of children and families everywhere.

Thea Ramirez
Founder + CEO
Lorin Sholander

Chief Operating Officer

Amy Simpson

Director of Program Delivery | Florida

Dr. Gian Gonzaga

Senior Consultant of Research and Data Analytics

Heather Setrakian

Senior Consultant of Research and Data Analytics

Dr. Vince Slaugh

Research Associate

Kristine Persaud
Agency Coordinator
Libby Sobkowiak

Family Coordinator | Florida

Kristina Mongillo
Family Coordinator | Georgia
Stephen Moxon
Lead Developer

Michelle Giordano

Director, Program Delivery for Florida

Eufayba Turnage

Executive Assistant

Jennifer Edson

Family-Match Family Coordinator, Virginia

Anna Tyson

Family-Match Director, Virginia

Elizabeth Flieg

Quality Assurance

Our Board of Directors

Dr. Gian Gonzaga

Stephen Mucchetti

Carlos Garcia

Shelby Patrice

Parker Lavin

Thea Ramirez

Jason Dandridge